The Petitcodiac Watershed Alliance is currently looking for 2 to 4 members to join our Board of Directors. The Petiticodiac Watershed extends through much of Southeastern New Brunswick. We are looking for a diversity of individuals with a commitment to the vitality and well-being of  our watershed’s natural and human communities.

About Us

The Petitcodiac Watershed Alliance works to protect and restore the health of the watersheds flowing into the Shepody Bay in Southeastern New Brunswick. We focus on education, species-at-risk, water conservation, nature-based solutions, water quality monitoring and stream and river restoration. In the face of climate change, the environmental resiliency of our communities and watershed requires your help to ensure that its beauty and resources are there in the future.

Our Board of Directors plays a critical role in shaping the policies that provide the organization with strategic direction, volunteering, fundraising, and fiduciary oversight. We are currently celebrating 25 years of protecting this river system. 

We have an office in Moncton. We carry out our work through a core group staff. They are joined in the field season by a host of interns who acquire life and employment skills. The Petitcodiac Watershed Alliance has significantly grown in recent years. We want to attract diverse board members who will contribute to all aspects of our watershed. With your help, we want to build new initiatives to respond to the current challenges and stresses we and our environment face.

Above all the Petitcodiac Watershed Alliance is about connecting people to bring about positive change in our watershed. We realize that our Board of Directors has to be inclusive in its representation. We aim to provide a healthy working environment, not only for the Board but also for our staff. In striving for meaningful relationships with people from diverse backgrounds, we emphasize listening, building mutual trust and providing a respectful working environment at all times.

Who we are looking for

We need people with a variety of skills and abilities plus a willingness to:

  •  Listen attentively, think clearly and creatively;
  •  Work well with others in an environment of mutual respect;
  •  Ask questions, take responsibility and follow through on accepted tasks;
  •  Assist in opening doors in the community and building relationships;
  •  Provide constructive feedback on projects and suggest new ones;
  •  Be open to personal development by acquiring or refining existing skills;

What to expect

  •  This is a volunteer opportunity; in which you will meet new people and friends.
  •  You’ll be expected to attend quarterly meetings as well as the Annual General Meeting.
  •  You’ll be expected to come prepared for board meetings by revewing the agenda and any associated documents in advance.
  •  Term of office is two years with renewal for a maximum of two consecutive terms. A member can serve again after a year off.
  •  We recognize that the Petitcodiac watershed covers considerable distances on secondary roads and travel can be difficult particularly in winter. The boardroom is equipped for remote access by Zoom when in-person attendance is difficult.

Applying — how to become a board member

  1.  The first step is to contact us if you are interested in joining our board by emailing: We understand that you’ll want to hear more about what being on the board might be like, so we will start by answering your questions to ensure it’s a good fit for you.
  2.  A member of our board will reach out to connect with you to answer your questions. At this time, they will tell you more about our organization and our Board.
  3. The next step will be for you to fill out this form.
  4. At the next scheduled board meeting or Annual General Meeting (AGM), your nomination to the Board will be tabled. You may at this time be asked to answer a few questions or present a brief summary of your offering.
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