Grand Falls, NB- Green Light NB Enviro Club Feu Vert, a charitable environmental organization in Grand Falls, launched a campaign to encourage Grand Falls residents not to mow their lawns for the month of May.   No Mow May is an opportunity to help our native pollinators and other wildlife thrive in the greenspaces where we live. During an entire month, wildflowers in lawns are left to bloom, providing a feast of nectar and pollen for hungry native bees, butterflies, and other animals whose populations have been declining in recent years due to habitat loss, land degradation, and climate change.

Nicole McLaughlin, president of Green Light, requested that the Grand Falls municipal council designate certain sites belonging to the municipality not to be mowed.  The municipal council accepted the proposal and has designated nine sites in the municipality that will not be mowed for the month of May.  During the Grand Falls municipal meeting which took place on April 19th 2023, the mayor of Grand Falls, Bertrand Beaulieu stated that the Grand Falls municipality wants to do their part in order to help the bees as human systems depend upon them.  He encouraged the residents of the municipality to do the same.

Green Light has also launched a Facebook contest where citizens of the Grand Falls municipality are asked to share pictures of their unmowed lawns on Facebook and use the hashtag #FVGL2023.  They will have a chance to win prizes related to pollinators (ex: honey, jams, etc).

Other members of the community are also involved in promoting the campaign.  Students at the Mgr Lang elementary school are asking family and neighbors for their commitment not to mow their lawns in May.    

In addition, Green Light has printed a number of signs that are available for free for Grand Falls residents participating in the No Mow May challenge.    The signs explaining why the lawn is left long are available at the town offices in the Grand Falls municipality.  “The beauty of the No Mow May initiative is that it does not require a lot of effort but it can have an important impact on pollinators,” explains Nicole McLaughlin. 

The idea of No Mow May came from a rewilding campaign that started in the UK and has spread around the world. It encourages leaving lawns un-mowed for the month of May to support bees, butterflies, ants and other insects that are a vital part of our food chain. It provides their early sources of food (such as clover and dandelions) an opportunity to bloom and produce nectar.

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